Nadjka* A Photograph Collection


From zen spirit, thought for healing and restful places, in view to harmony and recueillement with elegance. Some decoration elements from differents sizes are elaborate perfectly in adequation to your interieurs, vitrines, salons, shows, healing center, lounge bar, host rooms, waiting roms.

Prints to frame or on different supports, impression on canvas, on large voile, combinaisons are infiny to diffuse in the room some discrets touch of serenity with elegance.

The Nadjka* collection lead you to borrow 3 ways of graphic and emotional dreamings :


*Land Water Sky

Earth walks

Aerien walks between sky and water

Pure Atmospheres

Flatteries for the mood



Harmony and Romance walk

Freshness and softness fugues

Acids flashy and sparkling


The fairies of dawn


* Others

Contemporain walk

Meditation and contemplation art

Shapes and movements

Capture of instant

The Nadjka* collection is actually available by private meeting

Contact-me if you are interested to diffuse the Nadjka* collection or to obtain a particular piece